A Trip to Palitana – Beautiful Jain temple in Gujarat

Palitana is the most sacred and popular place in the Jain Community. The place comprises of more than 800 temples. It is the topmost tourist place in Rajasthan which is visited by more than thousands of pilgrims every year to visit the religious place. Visiting the Palitana is much easier to visit in comparison with the most popular Girnar Mountains as per the perception of Jain people. You can walk slowly and enjoy the amazing moments and the beautiful views of Palitana hills to enjoy the most of your trip.

Beautiful Jain temple in Gujarat

Everything in Palitana temples is arranged in a civilized manner. The place does not have monkeys and has seller men of biscuits and water all along the way. The temple is so clean and tidy that you will not find any garbage in the area. Within 3- 4 hours you can reach the top of the hill from where you can have the amazing view of numerous Jain temples at one place.

Each and every temple is surrounded by the smell of roses as the pilgrims used them for their ritual prayers. People also pray to Jain Gods by putting rice in some ornament on the floors. In every temple, musicians play amazing music that makes the entire environment-friendly and welcoming. There are numerous places where you can enjoy the snacks and view the lakes from the hills.

Patilana to Bhavnagar
Bhavnagar is a small town near to Palitana, once you are done with all the temples of Palitana, you can visit the town Bhavnagar. For rest, you can take hotel room or any dharamshala room in the town to take some rest. You will find the cabs at very cheap prices here.

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